Why Roots Professional?

Regardless of degree of hair loss, Roots harnesses all the power of pharmacology, cosmeceuticals, advanced supplementation, and much more to make your hair the absolute best it can be.    

2. Relieve emotional trauma.

It is heartbreaking for women and for many men to experience the balance of their facial features begin to change as their hairline or hair volume decreases. We take this emotional stress very seriously at Roots Professional. It is why our pursuit of the best formulations is morally imperative.  Anything less than the best and strongest puts the client’s prognosis for more hair in jeopardy.  Science today when properly applied can change someone physically and therefore emotionally.  We want you to share in this amazing experience to bring relief and hope to clients based on real proven therapy.

3. We are experts in the category.

Our devotion to being a true biotech company allows us to focus a huge percentage of our resources on research and development.  Beauty brands which extend their lines to include a simple “hair loss” item are in no position to develop cutting edge technology for arguably the most difficult beauty need to achieve…. growing hair.  It also holds us to a standard that harvesting every known ingredient for better results is part of our corporate DNA.  This is why we do not simply rely on only natural ingredients. While we utilize some powerful molecules from nature, our scientific formulations contain far more.  Your hair deserves this level of commitment.