Roots Salon Professional

Women's best hair occurs at 19.

Are you growing your best hair?

Targeted support for hair length, stress, regrowth, extensions, eyebrows, and anti-aging.

Why Roots Professional?

Where do I start?

It is important to understand there is no cure for hair loss, but the great news is consistent treatment works!  A steady and commitment treatment strategy will help regrow and keep your hair for years to come.

Sustainably Sourced

Taking care of the planet, because we only have one

Roots Professional is helping lead in the global cosmetics industry toward better manufacturing practices for the planet.

As a global leader in hair growth technologies, Roots Professional is not afraid of using cutting edge manufacturing practices to improve both our product, but our footprint on the environment.

Recycled Bioplastics

Recycling and reclaiming bioplastics is part of our supply chain

By making use of multiple sources of plastic, including ocean reclaimed plastic and recycled plastic, Roots Professional can help to remove unnecessary waste and clutter in our oceans and our environment.

In every Roots Professional bottle, we make efforts to include sustainable plastic when possible in part of the composition.  It's part of our way of making the world a better place.